Cross the Line

by Sunday Iris

Released 2017
Released 2017
Acoustic guitar based featuring vocal harmonies with sprinkles of production elements.
Sunday Iris is an acoustic duo from Chico, Ca. They write songs from a personal perspective, weaved in stories and images. Folk, Americana, Indie Acoustic music.

Sunday Iris is a singer/songwriter duo from Chico, Ca. Lisa Langley and Dave Elke share a passion for songs weaving personal tales with stories and scenery, into a vocal harmony and acoustic tapestry.
Lisa grew up in Corning, Ca. As a youth she was either taking care of the animals on the "farm" or singing in talent competitions. This love for singing led to her journey of songwriting, and becoming a recording artist. She released two soul music EP's under the name Lisa Valentine "Secret Lover" and "Happiness." She has a deep love of old soul music like Otis Redding, Early country singers like Patsy Cline, and modern powerhouse singers like Brandi Carlile.
Dave began playing guitar and singing in choir in Modesto, Ca as a child. He then moved to Dallas, Tx for Jr High and the beginning of High School. Living in the outskirts of town left little entertainment, so Dave began writing songs and forming bands with the neighborhood guys. He has since earned an MA in Music, and teaches Recording Arts & Music at Butte College.
Lisa Valentine- KZFR songwriting contest
Nominated for Chico N&R Cammies multiple times
Dave Elke-Chico N&R Cammie winner
Nominated for Cammies multiple years in the categories:Jazz, Lain/World, Rock/Jam